• Doesn't matter how big your teeth are mate, your arms are ridiculous
  • 100% Ringspun Cotton
  • Exclusive Design

Tyrannosaurus Rex (from the latin “Big Toothy Bastard”) is possibly the most famous carnivore that ever roamed the earth, and if they were alive today would probably own a chain of sports retail outlets employing slave-labour practices to maximise their billions of pounds in profit. It’s not alive today though, because nature selected it to die mainly due to it’s stupid little arms. Imagine having all that gob and then fingers the size of a fun-size twix. Just like Mike Ashley.

This exclusive T-shirt design, inspired by Jurassic Park, is printed direct-to-garment using the highest quality ink onto the very best quality soft organic cotton tees. Designed to fit snugly and comfortably, these high quality garments will keep your body looking hilarious for years to come.

All of our designs are exclusive to us and you won't find them anywhere else. Our T-shirts are printed direct to garment onto ethically produced, premium quality ringspun cotton tees.