Straight Outta Hogwarts

  • It's not just for kids you know. Adults are allowed to read it.
  • 80% cotton hoodie, 20% polyester cuffs
  • Exclusive design

Harry Potter is a cross between a human and a magician. When he waves his magic stick lightning comes out of his arse and strikes down his enemies – of which there are many, because he’s smug and has a punchable face – in a fit of laughter. Their sides literally split at the thought of being killed by flatulent weather, and as their souls seep out through their torn flesh, hissing and screaming like a snake with a ruptured appendix, baby-faced psychopath Potter stands there taking selfies to share with his 14000 Instagram followers without a care in the world. Outrageous, Potter, you little twat.

This exclusive design is printed direct-to-garment using the highest quality ink onto the very best quality hoodies. Designed to fit snugly and comfortably, these high quality garments will keep your body looking hilarious for years to come.

All of our designs are exclusive to us and you won't find them anywhere else. Our hoodies are printed direct to garment onto ethically produced, premium quality ringspun cotton hoodies.