• Taking it like a champ!
  • High quality slim plastic case
  • Available for most Apple & Samsung models
  • Snaps on to rear of phone

Darth Vader. Lex Luthor. Iain Duncan Smith. The greatest screen villains of all time. Now there is a new addition to their evil ranks – Negan Trainor.

Armed with a plethora of awful lyrics, propelled by heinous pastiche pop melodies and with a face that would make Vanessa Feltz punch herself, Negan is the latest and greatest threat to the survivors of post-apocalyptica with her massive club, leather chaps and never-say-please attitude.

All of our designs are exclusive to us and you won’t find them anywhere else. These high quality slim plastic phone cases snap snugly onto the rear of your handset and are available for most popular Apple and Samsung devices.