Irn Man

  • Dangerously radioactive - handle with care
  • High quality slim plastic case
  • Available for most Apple & Samsung models
  • Snaps on to rear of phone

Glaswegian entrepreneur Tony Stork lives a double life: by day he punts second hand motors in the West End, by night he dons his powerful Irn suit, constructed from girders and fuelled by Scotland’s number one soft drink. There isn’t a hangover invented that can stop him, as he flies around illegally kicking NED’s arses on the streets of Glasgow. If you’ve had too much Buckfast, watch out – Irn Man is coming for you.

All of our designs are exclusive to us and you won’t find them anywhere else. These high quality slim plastic phone cases snap snugly onto the rear of your handset and are available for most popular Apple and Samsung devices.

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