Christ On A Bike

  • Celebrate the founding member of the Heaven's Angels MC
  • High quality slim plastic case
  • Available for most Apple & Samsung models
  • Snaps on to rear of phone

Once upon a time there lived a simple carpenter with a deep, dark secret. By day he would make rudimentary items of furniture for the fellow residents of his small settlement, bringing simple but highly practical things like bunk beds, wardrobes and those globes that are really a drinks cabinet. At night he mounts his trust metal steed and roams the streets with a shotgun, looking for Romans and Tax Collectors to dish out his unique holy justice upon. Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

All of our designs are exclusive to us and you won’t find them anywhere else. These high quality slim plastic phone cases snap snugly onto the rear of your handset and are available for most popular Apple and Samsung devices.