• Plenty of ballroom in this garment
  • 100% Ringspun Cotton
  • Exclusive Design

Represent your town on holiday this summer with this Blackpool T-shirt.

Originally built by accident as a spaceport following an inept official’s misinterpretation of a requisition form, Blackpool Tower was eventually adopted as a storage unit for useless pelicans. The structure of the Tower was based around a famous Parisian landmark – The Louvre. Sadly, the architect was left bed ridden following an outbreak of Rancid Hole in his well-to-do neighbourhood and so his son, a 12 year old boy with no architectural experience and who had never visited Paris, stepped in at the last minute. He designed the tower based upon his own experiences of bananas and penny farthings, and the design was such a hit that Le France commissioned its own version of the structure in 1981, which we all know today as the birthplace of Walt EuroDisney.

This exclusive design, inspired by legendary British seaside town Blackpool, is printed direct to garment in long lasting inks onto premium quality, eco-friendly organic cotton and shipped with love to your doormat.

All of our designs are exclusive to us and you won't find them anywhere else. Our T-shirts are printed direct to garment onto ethically produced, premium quality ringspun cotton tees.