About Us

Our Designs

Some people take a vaguely funny gag and rush through a design that looks like it was made on “Learn To Paint with Benny The Legless Caterpillar”. Some people spend hours poring over Photoshop, crafting intricate designs with no punchline whatsoever. Some people just straight-up nick other people’s jokes and designs, passing them off as something special. What is wrong with these people? Why is nobody doing this properly? And most importantly, what is wrong with these people? Oh, I said that twice. I MEANT TO.

We love clever stuff that makes us laugh. We love simple stuff that makes us laugh. And we love designing stuff that motivates our brains into sending witty thankyou cards to our eyes, just for passing along some visual nerve impulses up the old neurons.

Something Vicious is the culmination of over 28 minutes of drawn out discussion, soul searching and hard graft. We reacted to the rubbish we saw online and decided to take our own little chuckles and turn them into mint looking garments to wear to the pubs, farmer’s markets and second hand caravan dealerships where we spend our weekends. Then, as a response to the mass produced pop culture identikit tees you now find in supermarkets and sweat shop clothing outlets alike, we decided to share them with other people – that’s you, with your great taste and sexy little arse.

We wanted to make our website more than just a clothes shop. We wanted to create the ultimate comedy hub destination for the discerning pop culture lover. Then we scratched that off as we didn’t want to sound like total arseholes.

So welcome to our website. Have a look at our range of over 4 designs, if there’s anything you see – buy it. Buy a few and we’ll ship them to you for free. If there’s something you like that you don’t see, drop us an email – we might take your idea and make it into a world famous tee design – and if we do we’ll reward you with a nice email and a packet of Haribo. We’ve got no marketing budget as we spent it all on crisps, so if you like what we’re doing – tell your friends.

Our T-Shirts

Our designs are printed direct-to-garment onto eco-friendly responsibly produced soft cotton tees right here in the United Kingdom of Britain. They aren’t made by kids with bleeding fingers, and the only animals they are tested on have been extinct for 65 million years. By buying from us you’re supporting free enterprise, original ideas and our various addictions.

We print each t-shirt specifically for you – the chances of you walking down Grimsby high street and seeing someone else in the same design is fairly slim, so you know you won’t be just another identikit plastic tosspot. This does mean we can’t offer next day delivery or anything like that, but then most of the people who do that profit on misery, slavery and tax avoidance, so instead we offer a smug feeling of self-righteousness FREE with every order.

Our Selves

We’re a canny bunch based in the North East of England, and we love talking to like-minded people, so give us a shout by email if you have any questions, or check our social media pages (look down…further….all the way to the bottom….up a bit) to gain an insight into the workings of our vicious little minds.